About Us!

i-konn has over 15 years' software sales and consultancy experience.
By listening and focussing on understanding our clients' needs we pride ourselves in being able to deploy our software quickly and efficiently.
By building relationships i-konn is dedicated to providing world class support and guidance to empower our clients to realise their investment for the long-term and to maximum effect.


Companies worldwide


web users configure and process orders with our product


Office, kitchen, bathroom, windows, stairs ...

Our Mission

To drive up standards and drive down costs in the furniture business, by implementing industry leading software that connects manufacturers to retailers and retailers to their customers more closely than ever before.

Through the extensive knowledge and experience of our consultants, work as closely as possible with our clients, so that they may leverage our software to maximum effect.

Train our clients in the use and maintenance of the software with the aim of acquiring a level of technical expertise that provides, as far as is possible, for complete autonomy.