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We proudly present you 3CAD, a graphical 3D configurator, that provides greater production flexibility eliminating errors in ordering and manufacturing.

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is the software program for the furniture industry. Uniquely, it connects retailers to manufacturers as well as retailers to their customers.

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  • Integrates existing management software
  • Enables different pricing structures per store and customer
  • Flexible and easily adapted to the company's products

Lite Version

For shops, architects and designers. A web-based 3D presentation tool.

3Cad Evolution PRO
The software program for the furniture industry.

3cad evolution PRO not only allows the making of an order, but also the arrangement in space and the product presentation in its professional attire.

The acquisition of the 3cad evolution PRO in the company pays off in time with results that often are beyond the normal expectations; 3cad evolution PRO doesn't require any changes in the company. The change becomes a logical consequence of the new way to operate and it's reflected on improved production flexibility, marketing (through the catalogue) and with errors elimination.

3cad evolution PRO has been made to exploit to the full extent all of the video card potentialities by delegating to the latter all of the functionalities linked to the photorealistic graphic effects; so this way it's possible to work directly with a realtime rendering display, that enables to value its product in front of the end customer without having to wait for the long realization times of the classic rendering.

3cad evolution PRO user interface which is more intuitive and simple to use, which has been designed based on ergonomics criteria for a faster and more functional use. The choice to design in 2D or 3D. Objects movement and selection facilitated by a series of support dots and lines. Innovative objects' cloning functions to make the common proprieties changes faster.

3cad evolution PRO is a multi-catalogue: this means that it's possible to simultaneously manage different graphic archives and to insert them all together in the same order. Each catalogue may be quoted together or separately while making reference to the same customer.

3cad evolution PRO is a multi-environment: the making of the environments (rooms, walls, doors, windows and general architectural restrictions) has been made faster and easier. Entirely redesigned to also make projects of extended and differentiated environments.

For example on the same order another living quarter may be designed, inserting a kitchen, a bedroom, a living room, etc. and also obtain a complete view of the environment, the quote of a specific room or as a whole. Very important to this purpose are the features linked to the plain clip that offer the possibility to define specific zones inside the environment and diversify among them with various criteria.

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3Cad Evolution Cloud
Contains the tools of engineering and production.

3cad evolution CLOUD e 3cad evolution PRO were created for the need to simplify, amplify and valorize all of the functions already existing in the previous 3cad.

The 3cad evolution series acquires the know how picked up in the last 10 years in production management, expanding it with a series of concepts specifically dedicated to the sales network. What does this mean? Innovative technologies and maximum product valorization proposed to the end customer, with a few clicks of the mouse.

The 3cad evolution series is suitable, like never before, to the marketing network needs, without forgetting the production requirement of the company.

3cad evolution CLOUD is the web solution for the retailers. Why? It's simple! The manufacturer distributes its catalogue on line to its retail network all over the world, equipping it with an efficient, easy to use captivating tools. Through a control panel he manages the activities and the functionalities that he wants to reserve to each single retailer, offering a tool that not only enables to design, but to also improve the sales experience!

3cad evolution CLOUD exploits all of the web potentialities, making "contents" that travel with internet and assuring that they are consistent with the marketing configuration management rules, bill of material and cam processes. What does it mean? Archives always up to date and constant communication with the manufacturer!

3cad evolution CLOUD is the web-based tool for interiors that allows:

  • to draw
  • to design
  • to quote
  • Realtime rendering, for an immediate display, without waiting!
  • directly order delivery to the manufacturer
An efficient and effective single tool for several functionalities!

3cad evolution CLOUD has been designed with the companies in mind that sees in the on-line business, a critical component for its success and wants to widely equip its sales network with innovative tools. Current technologies without complicated managements!

3cad evolution CLOUD offers simple tools to the back-end manager that enables the company to directly:
  • manage the users licenses
  • monitor the accesses and the quotes dispatching
  • obtain market statistics
  • enable the catalogues up dating
3cad evolution CLOUD can be downloaded, installed and used from the beginning to design your interiors.

Getting started is easy, go to the home page and register for your free trial.

3Cad Evolution Educational
For future architects and designers.

3cad is not only a configurator and a work tool.

3cad is a tool that we offer to students, at university and at the schools to enter in the logic of the solution for the furniture sector and of the interior design.

To learn to use one of the world most used working tools and embrace a synergy of values with the school and university world.
Getting started is easy, go to the home page and register for your free trial.